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Super Bowl 2018 Commercials Preview: The Best Leaked Ads

Cardi B subs for Alexa, Keanu Reeves stands atop a moving motorcycle, Tiffany Haddish touts Groupon and more spots released before Super Bowl 52

Cardi B in Amazon's Alexa commercial

Cardi B in Amazon's Alexa commercial.

Football is only part of the story on Super Bowl Sunday, when even the sports-averse tune in for the half-time show – and, yes, the commercials. This year, in advance of the Patriots and the Eagles’ face-off, brands have taken a cue from the Trump White House and leaked their best stuff for public consumption. From spots featuring celebrities like Cardi B and Matt Damon to ones that might make you cry, here are some of the most notable commercials to preview before the game.

Cardi B in Amazon's Alexa commercial

Michelob Ultra, “The Perfect Fit”

Chris Pratt stars in this meta-Michelob commercial that showcases the movie star getting ready to star in, well, an advertisement for Michelob. While it’s full of funny moments, the sexiest highlight is no doubt a glimpse of Pratt’s buff body sans shirt. Cheers to that.

Cardi B in Amazon's Alexa commercial

Avocados from Mexico, “Bubble Dome Riot”

Last year, Avocados from Mexico memorably exploited the comedic talents of Jon Lovitz. For 2018 they brought the idea of living in a bubble to life and turned to another beloved comic, Chris Elliott. The resulting ad is both super weird and successfully induces a guac craving.

Cardi B in Amazon's Alexa commercial

Febreze, “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”

This one is odd as bleep. From air freshener company Febreze comes this spot where “Bleep don’t stink” is repeated over and over. It’s funny at first, and then it isn’t, and then it is again… What the bleep?

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