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Summer Festival Style 2014: Capes, Crochet and More

A preview of the fashions you’ll see parading around fields for the rest of fest season

festival style

Koury Angelo

Coachella sets the mood for the summer — and, more importantly, the summer festival circuit. It's where stylish young things first go to dance and dehydrate, like canaries in a coal mine: If these attendees survived the desert heat of Indio, California, without sacrificing their damn good fashion sense, odds are other festival-goers will follow suit. The following are some of the trends we can expect to see everywhere from Bonnaroo to Electric Daisy — or any of our other 40 must-see fests. By Phoebe Reilly

Koury Angelo

Hippie Chic

If there were ever an official festival uniform, the updated-hippie look these ladies are rocking would definitely be it. Cutoffs? Check. Those magical-sprite bandanas that will not quit? Check. Bikini tops? Always. And tie-dye everything, of course. Props to the blonde on the left for going in a slightly different direction with some suspender/harness action. She's as close as Coachella comes to business casual.

Koury Angelo

Crochet King

Fabrics don't get more breathable than crocheted-knit, although puzzling tan lines may result. Native American-inspired headgear has for years been appropriated by festival-goers, although the braided extension is a less-common twist. In any case, the monochromatic getup suggests this guy was ready to be one with the desert.

Koury Angelo

High Style

Allegiance for a drug of choice (or at least this drug of choice) is pretty de rigueur, but the crossover bag for storing those festival essentials — that's just smart thinking. 

Koury Angelo

Smokey and the Bandit

The stick-up steez is mostly sandstorm-proofing, but that probably won't stop hipsters from trying it out in, like, Chicago for Lollapalooza.

Koury Angelo

Stars and Stripes

America, fuck yeah. This is a country that will provide you with a chill-out tent for when you get way too high listening to Shlomo. Show some respect.

Koury Angelo

Practical Matters

This is not his first festival. He's got the hat to block the sun, a bandana to catch the sweat, shades, and a roomy dose of brand loyalty.  (You never know when you might be a candidate for some free goodies.)

Koury Angelo

Caped Crusaders

Capes! You know what? They're removable. Need a blanket to sit on? Use your cape. Getting chilly after the sunset? Use your cape. Want to feel like you can fly? Do NOT use your cape.