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Snowboarding’s Next Generation

These riders all have high hopes of becoming the next snowboarding king

Adam Moran

Age: 19

Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Nickname: "McLovin"

Claim to Fame: The first person to land the insanely difficult triple cork trick in competition

Experts Say: "He has an endless bag of tricks," says ESPN's Keir Dillon. "McMorris has raised the bar, and Shaun [White] now has had to catch up."

Christian Pondella/Getty Images

Sebastien Toutant

Age: 20

Hometown: Montreal

Nickname: "Seb Toots"

Claim to Fame: At age 19, he won gold in slopestyle at the X Games. His 97 is still the highest score ever in the event.

Experts Say: "Toots is so gifted," says Dillon, "But can he pull his tricks out on call?"

Olav Stubberud

Stale Sandbech

Age: 19

Hometown: Rykkinn, Norway

Nickname: "Becho"

Claim to Fame: The youngest member of Norway's 2010 Olympic team, he's one of the few stars who competes against White in pipe and slopestyle.

Experts Say: "He's super-rad," says fellow star McMorris. "Such a good rider, with insane style."

Vianney Tisseau/ESPN Images

Sage Lotsenburg

Age: 19

Hometown: Park City, Utah

Nickname: "Man Child"

Claim to Fame: Though he's not even 20, it feels like he has been around forever because he made his pro debut at 12.

Experts Say: "He's done well at events," says Dillon, "but has he learned the tricks to compete?"

Adam Moran

Ayumu Hirano

Age: 14

Hometown: Murakami, Japan

Nickname: "Mumu"

Claim to Fame: Won the half pipe at the Burton High Fives competition last year, despite being half the size of his rivals.

Experts Say: "He's a badass," says McMorris. "He goes big, and he's, like, two feet tall. In two years, he'll be the cat's meow."