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Iconic Apple Commercials

The company’s advertising is often as memorable as its products

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The company's advertising is often as memorable as its products

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iPod and iTunes: Featuring U2

Apple again showed its influence when one of the biggest bands in the world teamed with the company to create a silhouette commercial with their 2004 single "Vertigo." But the partnership didn't end there. U2 and Apple released a special edition, red and black U2 iPod, as well as their full digital music catalog, in advance of the band's world tour. Apple had not only created the ultimate music listening device, but the company was able to get artists to support it.

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“Mac vs. PC”

Apple has worked hard to maintain its image as a creative, forward-thinking company. One factor in shaping that image was the "Mac vs. PC" advertising campaign that ran from 2006 to 2009. The commercials featured actor Justin Long as the skinny-jeaned, hip "Mac," while comedian John Hodgeman portrayed the nerdy, old-fashioned "PC." The message was simple: You're not cool unless you're a Mac person.

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iPhone: “Hello” Montage

When Apple finally announced the iPhone in 2007, the anticipation had built to a boiling point. Bloggers had created their own ideal versions of the iPhone, and each Apple addict had ideas of what the iPhone should be. Apple had to make a dramatic entrance to the field. And what better way than a 30-second montage of the best pop culture "hello" moments of the past 50 years? Hello, indeed.

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iPhone 3G: “There’s an App for That”

One of the tactics Apple used to make a statement was straight out of Advertising 101: a memorable slogan. "There's an app for that" turned into a cultural catch-phrase in 2009. Any problem–no matter how inane or absurd–could be solved by an iPhone application. Need directions? Check. How about a new restaurant? No problem. A solution to world hunger? Oh yeah, there's an app for that.

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iPhone 4: “Facetime”

What separates your standard-issue cell phone from an iPhone? Apple isn't afraid to tell you. In this iPhone commercial from 2010, "what makes an iPhone, an iPhone" is Facetime, the iPhone's solution to video chat. But with Apple aplomb, the company took an idea that already existed and rebranded it as their own, by not just doing it, but by doing it with style.

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