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Golden Age of Wrestling Podcasts: 18 You Need to Follow

From Steve Austin and Colt Cabana to wrestling writers, insiders and fans

Best Wrestling Podcasts

The Steve Austin Show.

Courtesy of WWE

Writing about how the Internet changed something is like saying breathing is a natural human function at this point. But let's actually think about how wrestling really has changed since we've all become more connected. From being able to tweet at our favorite wrestlers, looking up matches on YouTube from decades past, learning history we maybe didn't know about on Wikipedia and being up to date on everything through recaps has made following and understanding wrestling easier than ever for a whole new generation. Wrestling has really had to adapt to all of this as well. The lines have to be blurred more between what is real and what's scripted and the curtain is pulled back more often than not whether the people in charge like it or not. 

That's where podcasts come in. 

Besides, comedians, wrestlers and wrestling fans have taken to podcasting like few other groups. From big-budget shows to DIY ones that sound like they're recorded in a drum, the podcast is becoming both the ultimate expression of fandom, but also a way for wrestlers to reach a broader audience. And these 18 – produced by wrestlers, sportswriters, everyday fans and industry insiders – are some of the best you'll find out there. 

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