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Garry Trudeau’s Favorite Doonesbury Strips

Photograph by Julian Dufort

Doonesbury turned 40 on October 26, a milestone Rolling Stone marks in its current issue with an interview between Garry Trudeau and the graphic designer Chip Kidd. We asked Trudeau to name a few of his favorites from among the 14,000 individual strips he's drawn during his run, and he came up with the following picks, along with his thoughts on what makes them stand out.

B.D. Loses a Leg in Iraq, 4/21/04

Doonesbury © (2004) G.B. Trudeau. Used by permission of Universal Uclick. All rights reserved.

B.D. Loses a Leg in Iraq, 4/21/04

Trudeau: During the first battle for Fallujah, B.D.'s Humvee is torn apart by an RPG, and he lays grievously wounded on the battlefield while teammate Ray desperately tries to keep him conscious. Longtime readers were as startled by the removal of his helmet as by the loss of limb. In 36 years, B.D. had never been seen without it.