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Game Never Over: Top 10 Most Addictive Video Games

Mad gorillas, angry birds, candy-coated puzzles — these are the fiendish games that will keep you playing on. . .and on. . .

10 Most Addictive Video Games

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You've probably read about the ongoing kerfuffle happening around Dong Nguyen's Flappy Bird, a hideously addictive game that involves directing a chubby bird through a series of Mario-esque pipes. The game was making creator Dong Nguyen some $50,000 a day until he pulled it from Apple's App Store a month ago, on the basis that the game "was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed… But it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it’s best to take down Flappy Bird." 

'Flappy Bird' Creator Dong Nguyen Speaks Out

In the weeks since Nguyen pulled the game, there's been a flood of Flappy Bird-alikes, from straight-up clones like Flappy Wings and Splashy Fish to more, um, adventurous games like Tappy Bieber and Flappy Doge. Clearly, the public can't get enough of games that are both simple and brutally difficult. Still, Nguyen's creation and all its ilk have a way to go before they can rival the sheer addictiveness of this lot. By Tom Hawking


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1. Civilization

Sid Meier's history-based, empire-building games don't catalyze the maddening must-replay-NOW angst of Tetris, nor do they have the immersiveness of MMORPGS. No, the addictiveness of these destroy-ancient-civilizations video games is more insidious — it might be time for bed, but you promise yourself you'll just find the perfect place to found your second city, or quickly give Montezuma a much-deserved smackdown. And then you should probably find yourself a good source of copper, and decide whether to pre-emptively attack Bismarck, and… and then the sun is coming up and you're hunched over your computer, propping yourself up with an elbow as you repeat to yourself, "Just. . .one. . .more. . .turn."

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