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Game Awards 2016: 10 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From Kojima showing a new ‘Death Stranding’ trailer to a robotic grooming product terrorizing the crowd – the good, bad and ugly from annual awards show

The Game Awards 2016

YouTubers iJustine and MatPat presenting the Games for Impact award

The Game

As they have been for the past two years, the 2016 Game Awards streamed exclusively live online last night, and they were a strange mixed-bag of spectacular highs and bizarre lows. As has become the norm with these kinds of events, there were some high-profile reveals and a few genuine, heartfelt moments sandwiched between jarring product placements and awkward, out-of-place presenters. As for the awards themselves, well, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking they were more a sideshow. Like the Spike Video Game Awards shows that preceded it, the main event at The Game Awards is the stuff that happens between when trophies are handed out – the big reveals, trailers, and demos that portend the year to come in gaming. All the games that won were worthy, but here's the best and worst of what we saw last night.

Schick Hyrdrobot

Schick Hydrobot terrorizes Hideo Kojima

John Sciulli / Stringer

Worst: Schick’s Hydrobot From Hell

Schick's Hydrobot probably seemed like a good idea in a glossy boardroom but became something from a fever nightmare the minute a man-sized object with multiple blades was wandering around a darkened room, leering – as much as something with no eyes or mouth can leer – at the lustrous beards that are the pride of so many game creators and fans. Every time we began to relax he would loom into frame again – the deformed child of a loveless commercial union.