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Future Sounds: 5 Genres Bubbling Up

These styles are some of the best the underground had to offer in 2015 – get ready to hear more

Kygo; Deafheaven

Joseph Okpako/Redferns/Getty, Gonzales Photo/Jarle H. Moe/The Hell Gate/Corbis

Music is constantly evolving as styles cross-pollinate and artists experiment and grow. Here are five cutting-edge genres currently exploding across Japan, South Africa, America and, most importantly, the Internet. Get to know them now.


Tomoki Suzuki

Japanese Footwork

What: Japan is responding to the frenetic, giddy, polyrhythmic Chicago footwork movement on labels like Booty Tune and Trekkie Trax. While the original relied heavy on skipping soul samples, this neon derivation relies more on pixellated blips and icy minimalism. Says Keith Rankin, who's been releasing disorienting Japanese footwork releases domestically on cassette label Orange Milk: "They tried to make faithful reproductions, but the result was a distant fun-house version of the original."

Who: DJ Fulltono, Foodman, Gnyonpix

Key Tracks: DJ Amps' "Stuck on Rhythm" features breakbeats lost in pinballing insanity.

Chances for Radio Takeover: Completely impossible until someone sends Timbaland a Soundcloud link.