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From Nazis to Burning Doves: 8 Oddest Olympic Opening Ceremony Events

Moments of weirdness that nobody could have predicted

Whenever the Olympic games come 'round, people across the world watch in awe of the brilliant feats of athleticism, the incredibly moving pomp and circumstance, and, of course, those times when things get weird as hell. Because for every inspiring, goose-bump raising moment, the Olympic ceremonies dish out their fair share of head-scratching oddities that sometimes make the world collectively say, "What the heck?" and with reports that this year’s ceremony is slated to feature everyone from Giselle Bundchen to Dame Judi Dench, this year should be no different. Using the modern history of the games as our guide, here are some moments that would no doubt win gold if there was a competition for weirdness. (No doves were harmed during the making of this list.) 

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London 2012: The Bizarre Goodbye

The closing ceremonies of the London Olympics were a downright trippy affair from begining to end. From Batman running out of a burning car for some reason, to Russell Brand in a top hat frolicking around singing the Beatles, it was as if organizers completely ran out of steam when it came to ideas. Seeing Spice Girls reunite was cool, at least… Right? 

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