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First and Unpronounceable: The Most Amazing Names in NFL Draft History

From the first pick to Mr. Irrelevant, we play the NFL draft name game

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After months of media scrutiny, countless combines and a metric ton of Mel Kiper Jr., the 2014 NFL draft begins Thursday night. And over the span of seven rounds and three days, the names of 254 college-football standouts will be called. No more, no less.

From the first-overall pick to the last – the guy who will begrudgingly bear the title of Mr. Irrelevant – it's an exclusive club. And while not every player selected will go on to have an all-pro career, just hearing your name called by the commissioner (or whomever strides to the podium in round seven) is an accomplishment.

Of course, sometimes, reading those names is an equally impressive feat. For every John Smith, there's a Ras-I Dowling waiting in the wings. So to get you ready for the next 96 hours of tongue-twisting action, here are 10 of the most amazing, improbable and unpronounceable names in NFL draft history. By James Montgomery

Bacarri Rambo Washington Redskins

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Bacarri Rambo

His name's half-boozy, half-badass (and all awesome), so the current Washington Redskins safety seemed destined to play in the NFL. Though one can't help but wonder what would have happened had he gone with his other name – Goo Fudge. Growing up, his mother's maiden name was Fudge (though his parents would legally changed his last name to match his father's), and when he was an infant, his mom named gave him the nickname "Goo," after his resemblance to Mr. Magoo. Not quite as terrifying, right?

Mister Alexander houston texans

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Mister Alexander

With a name like Mister, you'd think NFL teams would be lining up to show respect to the former Florida State University linebacker. But Alexander went undrafted in 2011, and though he'd eventually sign with the Houston Texans, within two years he was playing ball in Canada. Though perhaps he likes it better up there; after all, our neighbors to the north are known for their manners.

John David Booty

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John David Booty

Mix-a-Lot's favorite QB capped his college career by leading USC to a second-consecutive Rose Bowl win in 2008, and was taken in fifth round of draft by the Minnesota Vikings. But he never played in a game during his NFL career, and is probably best remembered for being one of three "Booty Boys" to make it to the league, joining brothers Josh and Abram. They will all live on in gluteal greatness. 

curry burns

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Curry Burns

This red-hot safety singed opposing offenses at the University of Louisville, though after begin drafted by the Houston Texans in the seventh round of the 2003 draft, his pro career failed to generate much heat. His most notable season came in '04, when he played in eight games for the New York Giants and recorded an interception. After a couple of stints on practice squads, Burns was out of the NFL by '07, proving that you can, in fact, hurry the curry (to an early retirement).

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Captain Munnerlyn

The NFL got its first commissioned officer in 2009, when Munnerlyn was drafted in the seventh round by the Carolina Panthers. Though his name conjures up images of epaulets, the cornerback explained that it's actually in honor of his great-great grandfather ("My sisters and brothers have normal names," he joked). And though several other Captains – Phillips, America, Crunch – may dominate the national discourse, Munnerlyn has focused on the bottom line, just signing a three-year, $14.25 million deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

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