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Culture Index: ACMs, ‘S-Town,’ Hannah Tinti’s New Novel and More

Six great things you should check out this week

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"Country Music's Party of the Year," is this Sunday.

Spring is technically here, so if you’re lucky enough to spend sometime outside in the sun, Rolling Stone has some suggestions for what you should read, listen to and watch if you’re inclined to take a walk to the nearest theater. From two novels worth picking up to Scarlett Johansson starring in the adaptation of an iconic Japanese comic book, this week offers up plenty of stuff to check out. 

Rudolph Wurlitzer’s ‘The Drop Edge of Yonder’

You might not be familiar with the work of 80-year-old author Rudy Wurlitzer, but the screenwriter of cult films like Two-Lane Blacktop and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid has been hailed as one of the great writers of his time by no less than Thomas Pynchon, who said of Wurlitzer’s 1969 novel Nog, “hopefully another sign that the Novel of Bullshit is dead and some kind of re-enlightenment is beginning to arrive.”

Originally published in 2008, The Drop Edge of Yonder somehow fell out of print in the last few years. Originally a screenplay idea that had the likes of Hal Ashby, Sam Peckinpah and Jim Jarmusch considering it, Two Dollar Radio, the indie press responsible for getting the writer’s work into print over the last few years, had the good sense to get it back on bookshelves. Now, with this weird, psychedelic Western reentering the world, readers have another chance to discover one of the most interesting voices in American fiction. 

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