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Celebrity Crush: Five Famous Pot Lovers on their Favorite Weed Products

From Instagram stars to the force behind ‘High Maintenance,’ we talked to weed aficionados about their top ways to get stoned

Five Famous Pot-Lovers on Their Favorite Products

Ben Sinclair, co-creator of 'High Maintenance'; Caroline Goldfarb, a.k.a. @officialseanpenn.

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It’s no secret that the cannabis market is booming, and in a more mainstream way than ever. Which means that there are more ways to package, consume, and enjoy weed than ever. With such a vast array of products to choose from knowing what’s worth spending your green on can be tough. So we enlisted five famous pot-lovers, from social media superstars to the creators of HBO’s High Maintenance, to help navigate the weed wonderland we’re living in now. 

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity. 

Abdullah Saeed

As the host of Viceland’s Bong Apetit Abdullah Saeed has a professional taste for weed. He can also been seen on the latest season of HBO’s High Maintenance and heard on his podcast “Great Moments in Weed History.”

Any favorite low tech-products at the moment? My all-time favorite cannabis accessory is king-sized Raw Organic hemp rolling papers and perforated crutches, which look like they’re made of ancient papyrus. I love handling them, folding up the little perforated edges into a zig zag shape, and squeezing it between my fingers while I smoke. The crutch is truly the foundation of any good joint.

What about high-tech products? People send me and hand me all kinds of zany ganja gadgetry and what have you, and just about all of it sits in a box under my bed. I have what I’m told is the world’s most powerful Volcano, overclocked by Storz and Bickel to fill a 65-foot balloon. And right now, it’s sitting in the trunk of my car in L.A. I’ve used it once! I do dabs, which I guess are high tech, and I have a sweet Plumbus rig (made by Julian Heller), but the second I got back to New York, I just went back to just smoking spliffs. I should say, I went back to becoming a garbage person in nearly every way.

What are the specific strains you’re into? At the house we’ve had some local Sour Chem, and now some GG #4 and some Chem Dawg. Also, I’ll jump on the Gelato bandwagon. I just want gas these days.

Are there any new products coming out that you are excited about? These new technologies that put an easy button on consuming cannabis without the consumer ever having to look at or touch a bud are actually separating us more from this natural supplement. It’s the commodification of cannabis and nothing will stop it. Instead of cannabis having some positive influence on capitalism, capitalism is just sucking cannabis into the machine and turning it into another product. Adult-use cannabis laws are a government scam.

Any new trends in weed you expect to see soon? More assholes coming out of the woodwork who care only about the potential profits from cannabis and not the fallout of prohibition; more politicians paying lip service to an issue constituents think they care about but barely understand; and more useless products that no one needs but everyone will buy anyway.

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