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Blizzcon 2016: What We Learned About ‘Overwatch’, ‘Hearthstone’ and More

No new games, but plenty to talk about as Blizzard draws fans to Anaheim

Blizzcon – Warcraft creator Blizzard Entertainment's annual fan convention – is San Diego Comic-Con in miniature. At around 25,000 attendees, it draws a fraction of Comic-Con's numbers, but what it lacks in headcount, it more than makes up for in sheer fan fervor. It's weird that a single game company can pull off its own con, but tickets to Blizzcon routinely sell out in minutes. Chances are, ahead of all the cosplayers and and real-life player guild gatherings, the first people you'll encounter en route to the Anaheim Convention Center are the scalpers.

This year's Blizzcon, which took place this past weekend, was a little slow when it came to big game announcements, but there was big news nonetheless. The (exceedingly) long-awaited new character for Overwatch was finally revealed, World of Warcraft's post-expansion future was outlined in detail, and Blizzard showcased some surprising throwback content for Diablo III. Perhaps the biggest news is Overwatch League, a comprehensive plan for Blizzard's competitive first-person shooter that, if it lives up to its promise, has the potential to fundamentally reshape esports. Here's what we learned.