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9 Magical Moments Worth Taking a Weekend Trip to Vegas

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You know how some people can see their favorite band hundreds of times, because the show is never the same? From the set list to the improvised guitar riffs, each one is individual, surprising and unforgettable. That’s exactly how it is for me and Vegas.

I’ve updated 13 guidebooks about Vegas, and cover the city constantly, so I’m in town up to eight times a year. And every time, I have an experience that beats my wildest expectations in a uniquely different way, and one that couldn’t have happened in any other city in our fine nation. Each visit feels like falling in love all over again. Here, in no particular order, are a few of my faves.


Hoover dam on Arizona-Nevada border in American Southwest.

Hoover dam on Arizona-Nevada border in American Southwest.

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Surrounding Yourself With Natural Wonder

Another favorite spot in the hinterlands: the Hoover Dam, which is about a 30-minute drive from the Strip. I’m a bit of an engineering geek, so I love the hour-long Bureau of Reclamation tour that winds into the powerplant and passageways that are inside the dam itself. For a different way to experience the site, rent a bike in Boulder City and bicycle (downhill) on the River Mountains Loop trail to the Alan Bible Visitor Center and follow the Historic Railroad Trail through five old train tunnels to the dam.

Luxor Hotel and Casino Exterior at Dusk

Courtesy of MGM

Experiencing the Splendors of Luxor

They don’t have elevators inside Luxor—instead they have “inclinators,” which take you up on the inside of the pyramid on an incline. The first time I rode one, I refused to believe it’d be any different. Boy, was I wrong! The experience mimics the one you get on a ship at sea. The quirk is totally Vegas.The inclinators aren’t the only unique aspects of life inside the pyramid. Another of my favorite destinations is the HyperX Esports Arena — a former nightclub reborn into a gaming paradise where you can be captivated watching whiz kids compete, or take to the consoles yourself. There’s even a vintage video game cocktail bar. Win, win, win.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

2019 Hilton

Sipping Tea While Drinking in the View

Afternoon tea in the lounge on the 23rd floor of the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas is an exquisite affair, with the requisite finger sandwiches, scones, tea and goodies. What makes the experience particularly memorable, however, is the view — from your comfortable perch, you can see straight up Las Vegas Boulevard all the way to the Stratosphere. No matter how many times I go, it still takes my breath away.



Wynn Las Vegas Barbershop

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Submitting to Supreme Pampering

Shaving isn’t something I take too seriously. When I actually trim my facial hair, I do it myself. But after a recent winning streak in Vegas, I splurged for a decadent straight-edge shave in the barbershop at Wynn Las Vegas Barber Shop. The Master Barber warmed my face with a hot towel, then covered my mug with homemade shaving cream. He did his thing for the better part of an hour. It was the closest shave I’ve ever had.

High Roller Observation Wheel

Courtesy Caesars Entertainment

Toasting Your Good Fortune High in the Sky

Many cities have giant observation wheels, but Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest. One of the quintessentially Vegas experiences in the 550-foot-tall High Roller is something called the Happy Half Hour. Basically, it’s one full rotation in a pod with an open bar. Sipping a superbly mixed drink while marveling at the views of the Vegas Valley felt like I was kicking indulgence into overdrive.

The Laundry Room

Chuck Sicuso, Courtesy of Commonwealth

Finding Quirky Camaraderie in a Speakeasy

Speakeasies are all the rage in Las Vegas now, but there was a time when the only one was the The Laundry Room, tucked inside downtown’s 6,000-square foot cocktail bar, Commonwealth. The first time I went in, a friend and I stayed for hours, hanging with the bartender and sampling craft cocktails. At the end of the night—as a joke, really—I requested the pianist play a song from Sesame Street. He obliged. We all sang it together. It was absurd and random and wonderful. In Las Vegas, it didn’t surprise me at all.

The Peppermill

Courtesy Visit Las Vegas

Relishing a Retro-Tinged Night Out at the Peppermill

Neon lights. Sunken fire pits with bubbling fountains (seriously). 1980s music videos playing on loop. Giant scorpion bowls filled to the brims with sweet tropical drinks. This is the Peppermill, in all of its kitschy, 1970s glory. The first time I came to this North Strip diner and bar was after a long night of partying and clubbing on the Center Strip. It’s now a critical stop on most of my return adventures — and a quintessential part of the Vegas experience I’ve come to know and love. I recommend it to all my friends headed to the city for the first time. After all, part of the magic of Vegas lies in paying it forward and sharing your one-of-a-kind discoveries with your favorite people.

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