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61 Reasons to Love 2014

From returning rock legends to heart-stopping thrillers, the best of what’s to come in music, movies and TV this year

Don't expect to get a cultural breather after the past 12 massive months: Beginning early in January, there are can't-miss concerts, new and returning watercooler TV shows and specials, albums from rock legends, and the release of big-budget popcorn flicks that'll have everyone talking. With the caveat that all dates are subject to change (and, in same cases, simply our best guesses) here are our picks for the music, movies and TV to watch out for in 2014. 

By Mike Ayers, David Fear, Blaine McEvoy, David Marchese and Dan Reilly

Barbara Nitke for Netflix

‘Orange Is the New Black’ (TBD)

The surprise hit of last year will be back some time in 2014. We're excited to see how the second season of this addictive prison drama concentrates more on the personal lives of Laura Schilling's newly hardened Piper Chapman and her fellow inmates. It's probably pretty safe to expect, however, that there will also be plenty of opportunities for hook-ups, break-ups, surprise shankings and Crazy Eyes doing what she does best, i.e. dropping knowledge while looking cuckoo.

Stefan M. Prager/Redferns via Getty Images

Carlos Santana’s Memoir (Release Date TBD)

The legendary guitarist will release his as-yet-untitled memoir sometime this year. As noted when he announced the project, the autobiography will include his memories of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, and many other famed musical luminaries, as well as "stories about some of the people who have had a divine influence on his life, such as Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu." 

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

U2’s New Album and Possible Tour (TBD)

The Irish rockers are reportedly planning an April release for their currently title-less 13th album. The band has let slip that the record has a loose concept featuring songs from the perspective of two people, one young and innocent, the other older and wise. Danger Mouse is set to produce, and Bono recently said that the music will have elements of punk, soul, and R&B. There have also been loud rumors of an accompanying tour.