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25 Under 25: Meet the Young Musicians, Actors, Activists Changing the World

Putting the spotlight on the next generation of creators and voices shaping the cultural landscape

25 Under 25: Meet the Young Musicians, Actors, Activists Changing the World

Koury Angelo, Brian Guido

Energy. Enthusiasm. Creativity. Optimism. Those are some of the words that come to mind when we imagine youth. For our inaugural 25 Under 25 list, we wanted to find the young creators and voices who are shaping the cultural conversation and spotlight their achievements. Whether the breakout star of Netflix’s buzziest show; the preternaturally gifted young musicians anointed by Beyoncé; dedicated advocates and activists; or political prodigies, these young people inspire us in the ways that they are engaged in the world and, yes, woke: profoundly aware of their own influence and of our shared, complicated present reality.

As 17-year-old climate activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez tells Rolling Stone: “The change that we need is not going to come from a politician, from an orangutan in office, it’s going to come from something that’s always been the driver of change – people power, power of young people.”

Hannah Marks

Amy Lombard for Rolling Stone

Hannah Marks, Actor, Writer and Director

“I like to tell stories about women and about the female voice,” she says. “We’ve had the male gaze for so long, and now women like Jill Soloway are talking about the female gaze, and that could not be more in line with exactly the type of projects that I want to do.”


Jewell Jones

Sam Trotter for Rolling Stone

Jewell Jones, Politician

“We use our youth to our advantage, we soak up all the knowledge and wisdom our more seasoned colleagues and mentors can share with us,” he says. “We have direct access to the younger crowd who feels their voices aren’t being heard and we want to get their messages across.”


Lauren Alaina

Griffin Lotz for Rolling Stone

Lauren Alaina, Singer-Songwriter

“I have things to say and I get to say them now,” she says. “I don’t mind if people say I was on American Idol, because I was and that is a part of my past and I’m super proud of it, but I don’t want that to be all there is to me.”


Tory Lanez Influential Artist under 25

Amy Lombard for Rolling Stone

Tory Lanez, Rapper

“I make a genre of music called Swavey, where you fuse one or more types of music together and are still able to do it as yourself without having to sacrifice your creativity.”


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