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20 Best Lists of 2017

From Trump lies to T-Swift tunes, Johnny Depp’s houses to ranking the religions – our favorite lists of the year

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The culture’s fascination with ranking things continues unabated – even in the first year of the Trump administration. Partly, that’s a product of wanting to escape, albeit briefly, from the horrors of this president by indulging in the silliness of numbered lists and pointless debates. But while some of this year’s best rankings saluted the finest in action movies, female-driven albums and Johnny Depp’s myriad homes, it was impossible to totally avoid politics and current events – whether while learning the extent of damage being done to NFL players’ brains or reading about all the women victimized by monsters like Harvey Weinstein. It wasn’t entirely bleak, though: Any year that lets us fight over which Taylor Swift song is the greatest can’t be all bad. Here’s our picks for the 20 best lists of 2017.

All False Statements Involving Donald Trump

Mark Peterson/Redux

All False Statements Involving Donald Trump

Different publications dutifully tried to keep a running list of every one of Donald Trump’s lies. (The New York Times made it to July and then stopped.) So thank the stars for the good folks at PolitiFact, who have long made it their mission to keep politicians honest. Seeing Trump’s lies all strung together over several pages is sufficiently galling, which is why it’s nice that the site also throws in a pithy little commentary for each untruth. Among our favorite PolitiFact retorts: “Despite repetition, still not true,” “Wrong on several levels” and “A lot of fertilizer here.” (PolitiFact)

Michael Bay Characters, Ranked by Sweatiness


Michael Bay Characters, Ranked by Sweatiness

You don’t need us to tell you that Transformers: The Last Knight was one of the year’s worst movies – although we did tell you that. Everything that makes Michael Bay’s movies so loathsome was on display in this sequel, as well as his weird fixation with characters who sweat a lot. The clever folks at Vulture decided to do a little investigative work, figuring out which 16 characters in the Bay-iverse were the absolute sweatiest. This list is really funny but also kind of disgusting – and a reminder to be grateful that movie theaters don’t have Smell-o-Vision yet. (Vulture)

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