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15 Worst Contracts in Sports History

From the Mets paying Bobby Bonilla a million a year until 2035 to Notre Dame giving Charlie Weis close to $20 million to walk away

Worst Contracts in Sports

Kevork Djansezian/Getty

The contract is a mere piece of paper that, when signed, can seal fates, make careers and birth legends. That’s the idea, anyway. Unfortunately, throughout the recent history of sports there are some contracts that, well, were just awful ideas in hindsight. From players who never realized their full potential to slick agents who negotiated a lopsided agreement, here are 15 of the downright worst contracts in sports.

JaMarcus Russell

Albert Dickson/Sporting News/Getty

JaMarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders

Poor JaMarcus Russell is widely considered to be one of the NFL’s biggest draft busts ever – and for good reason. As the first overall pick in 2007, Russell entered the league a hero, joining the Oakland Raiders who were hungry for a star. He left, however, after three disappointing seasons, and getting away with a cool $32 million in guaranteed cash. A sad addendum: with the NFL long in his rearview mirror, the former QB got the itch to return to the league last year and penned letters to various teams offering to play for free. Not a single one bit

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