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10 Dumbest Things Right-Wingers Said in 2014

Facepalm-inducing statements from politicians, pundits and assorted peabrains

Rudy Giuliani, Phil Gingrey, Cliven Bundy and Joni Ernst

Rudy Giuliani, Phil Gingrey, Cliven Bundy and Joni Ernst are just a few of the right-wingers who made jaw-droppingly stupid statements in 2014

Rob Kim/Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, George Frey/Getty Images,Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As 2014 comes to a close, the state of our nation is resoundingly marginally less crappy than it’s been in recent memory. Unemployment is below six percent, GDP growth is strong and the stock market is roaring. But in the nuttier recesses of the American right, it was just another 12 months of permanent midnight in Barack Obama’s black nationalist gulag. Obama might be the only person in history who can make rich white assholes hate golf. That alone should be enough to assure him a spot on Mount Rushmore. Yet, his evil genius hardly stopped there. From worse-than-Watergate scandals like Benghazi to his administration’s pro-Ebola health policies to his blanket refusal to admit that the biggest problem facing the African-American community is an insufficient amount of self-disgust, Obama never stopped providing right-wing pundits and politicians with stuff to freak out about. Throw in a slam-dunk mid-term election that turned GOP primaries into cray-cray cutting sessions and this might’ve been the best year ever for the booming industry that is right-wing wrongness. Nice work, gang. Keep dropping those thought bombs.


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