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How to Let Your Feet Breathe at Your Favorite Summer Music Festival

With the summer music festival season underway, now is the time to stock up on the latest clothing, gear and accessories. While most men may want the sturdiest cooler to keep beer cold or durable sunglasses to minimize the glare, it’s important not to forget the most essential item: shoewear.

Feet are the starting and stopping point to any successful experience at a festival, especially ones with the most dedicated fans walking or standing for multiple hours over the course of multiple days. Depending on the event layout, the location, or even the weather, fans can walk several miles in a day in all sorts of conditions. (Don’t believe us? Count the steps on your fitness tracker after your next concert. The results may surprise you.) And, besides, who wants to end the weekend with sweaty shoes and worn feet?

Knowing fans want to have the best possible time, comfort, durability and an eye-catching design are key elements to keeping your feet happy. Luckily for consumers, premier Italian brand Geox — maker of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear, clothing and accessories — has a new range of shoes, Aerantis, that makes walking a breeze.

With a philosophy of continuous innovation, research and experimentation that combines creativity, performance, style and technology along with a respect for the environment, Geox aims to improve the quality of everyday experiences through the shoes people wear. The brand, in particular, is known for their patented rubber soles, which increases breathability while maintaining dryness and comfort.

 Geox’s unique approach to traditional footwear — by making “shoes that breathe” — has even extended to clothing, particularly outdoor apparel. Not only is everything super lightweight, ultra-breathable and perfect for any occasion, the brand’s clothing and shoes are the definition of “elegance in motion.” Everything is versatile, comfortable, practical andstylish, meaning that people will be turning their heads for all the right reasons and asking where you got your shoes (or jacket). Plus everything is made through ethical and sustainable practices while never sacrificing customer satisfaction. 

 “Geox has always been synonymous with the most advanced patented technology in the footwear and clothing sector and focuses on designs that deliver outstanding levels of breathability, performance and comfort,” Chairman and Founder Mario Moretti Polegato says of his brand. Founded nearly 25 years ago after using an army knife to pierce the rubber soles of an existing pair of shoes during a trip through Nevada — which has no shortage of music festivals today — Geox is built on a few simple ideas: innovation, sustainability, passion, well-being, excellence, and superior Italian design.  

The Aerantis is the latest example of those ideas. Designed for versatile everyday use, this new shoe is a standout among Geox’s 2019 Spring-Summer collection, which is for anyone strives toward self-expression. Building on the principles of breathability, the Aerantis was designed to keep air in motion thanks to a new ventilation system — an EVA midsole — that is combined with Geox’s inner breathing system and an updated net breathing system. The mix of patented technologies that make up this air circulation system are concealed by an elegant design of curved lines and a tonal colorway in matching hues. All one has to do is pick the size and color to match his preference while never sacrificing design, comfort and durability.

To put it simply, this shoe not only feels great, it looks great and is exactly what you need to make your next festival experience a breeze. 


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