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How to Detox Your Room (and Become a More Conscious Consumer in the Process!)

Avocado Green Mattress wants to help consumers become more conscious when it comes to their sleep

Melissa Kruse

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans, on average, spend approximately 90% of their time indoors — and one-third of that is in bed. While Avocado Green Mattress values time spent outdoors, it knows nothing beats a good night’s sleep. However, how people have furnished interior spaces — particularly closed environments — may be preventing the full benefits of sleep and relaxation, doing unnecessary harm to human health and wellbeing.

A closed-off environment increases the chances of exposure to commonly used, chemically-treated materials, which have a negative impact on human health by contaminating the air you breathe or being absorbed through the skin. In the bedroom, a favorite and often-used area of the home, people don’t realize most commonly manufactured beds include polyurethane foam made from petroleum products, acetone, polyester and adhesives — all which are known to adverse effects on the body, from skin irritation to various cancers. Even pillows, sheets and mattress toppers are made with flame retardant materials and are infused with toxic chemicals believed to be helping make a cleaner or easier user experience.

However, one way to combat that is by becoming a more conscious consumer, investing products that are Made Safe certified — meaning it’s quite literally “made with safe ingredients, without toxic chemicals known to harm our health” — which bring advantageous elements into your home while helping to keep contaminated materials out. Simply said: Detox your space by swapping out the bad for good.

Luckily for consumers, there’s no shortage of brands to buy from, including Avocado Green Mattress, a highly-rated, trusted direct-to-consumer manufacturer of affordable organic mattresses and bedding that maintains environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable practices that benefit both you andthe planet. 

What makes this company’s mattresses, pillows and bedding so special? Its products are made from organic wool and organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standard — a worldwide assessment of textile processing that accounts for the harvesting of raw materials, environmental impact, energy and water use, and social responsibility — as well as organic latex certified by Global Organic Latex Standard — a similar assessment of latex manufacturing. (Avocado Green Mattress even makes a vegan certified, PETA-approved bed.) And not only are Avocado’s beds made from 100% organic materials, like cotton, latex and wool, the other parts of the mattress are biodegradable or recyclable.

Additionally, its products are harvested through sustainable and eco-conscious practices, which means a reduction in the company’s ecological impact while boosting local manufacturers and economics here in the U.S. and around the world. The company is even aiming to become 100% carbon neutral by 2019 and also gives back — donating a percentage of revenue to environmental nonprofits — meaning it’s maintaining a better world for a better you.

Photo credit: Melissa Kruse

Melissa Kruse

While the idea of being a conscious consumer, looking for organic or naturally-made products, may sound like a lot of work — customers are encouraged to do their homework, check the labels and certifications — there’s no sacrificing quality. Each mattress features double-stitched organic cotton tape edges, reinforced handles, organic herringbone canvas, and needle tufting done by hand. When it comes to Avocado Green Mattresses in particular, a sound sleep is equally as important. The company uses the best ergonomic support system available, an ultra-premium Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone® innerspring unit featuring individually wrapped coils made from recycled steel, and a hybrid design combining layers of resilient, buoyant cushioning with its coil system. You better believe a comfortable sleep is a warranty-backed guarantee.

With that said, if you own a mattress, pillow or bedding from Avocado Green Mattress then you can go to sleep with an easy conscious and peace of mind — and maybe wake up feeling inspired to spend a little more time outdoors.   

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