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David Cross: Why Donald Trump Will Not Be President

“Should he end up with the nomination, [the GOP] has to give it to him,” comedian says

Donald Trump; David CrossDonald Trump; David Cross

David Cross explains why Donald Trump will not be elected president and why he's a "gift to the Democrats"

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Last week, comic Louis CK sent fans a long, unsolicited message about why voters are misguided in casting votes for Donald Trump; in doing so, he joined the chorus of voices, including many conservatives, urging Americans to consider alternatives to the businessman and reality TV star. Many politically inclined comics like Bill Maher and Samantha Bee have chimed in on the candidate, but what about David Cross, the incisive and irascible voice well-known for blasting George Bush for his post-9/11 actions?

The short answer: Cross is busy. He is currently performing shows around the states and internationally as part of the Making America Great Again tour. Though the slogan was created by Ronald Reagan and championed by Trump, Cross is not talking all that much about the political circus during the gigs. (He’s got a Trump bit, yes, but he’s not delving into the debates, primaries or caucuses.) But in conversation with Rolling Stone, the comedian discussed the fear surrounding Trump’s successes, how viable a candidate he feels Trump is and who he’d vote for at the end of the day.

I have no fear that [Trump] will be elected. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I am pretty confident in that. His unfavorability is so high, and his hardcore voters may vote for him but I don’t see a lot of moderate conservatives or Reagan Democrats coming over to Trump at all. He has no viable policy papers written and nothing he’s composed holds up under scrutiny. There’s enough stuff out there about him.

But should he end up with the nomination, [the GOP] has to give it to him. Otherwise it will turn off every single voter for flouting the will of the people. If there’s some kind of brokered convention or they draft a third person to come in — whether it’s Paul Ryan or whoever — that’s also disaster. They’re fucked. They’re just fucked.

This is a gift to the Democrats, the debates and all of these people trashing him. The one mitigating factor is how loathed Hillary Clinton is. And she’s just reviled by people on the left and the right, for what some would say are fairly obvious reasons.

But by the third debate, it’s going to be a joke. [Trump] debating Hillary Clinton? She’s not a pussy! She knows what she’s doing, as far as debating goes. She’s got a machine. This is what her whole life has been geared toward and working toward. That’s why she did so many disingenuous things and did what was politically convenient for decades and decades. It’s all about this. She knows what she’s doing and Trump does not. The people that she has around her know what they’re doing and have been doing this for decades. The people that Trump have around him do not.

It’s going to be tough for me to vote for Hillary Clinton, but I’ll do it.

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