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Starting a Business in 2021? Nine Great Reasons to Explore the Culture Space

Launching your own business is a great way to influence change.

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After the tumult of 2020, many people who lost their jobs are now considering turning to entrepreneurship to get back on their feet. Starting a business is an exciting and empowering way to earn a living, and many who go down this path are drawn in by the promise of freedom and flexibility.

However, entrepreneurship takes a lot of hard work, too, so it’s important to stay motivated and choose a field you know you’ll be passionate about for years to come. To help aspiring entrepreneurs stay focused and thrive, nine members of Rolling Stone Culture Council listed their reasons to start a business in the culture space this year and why.

There Are Fewer Barriers Between Experts and Consumers

“We’re all in this together” is more than some cliche; it is essential to the future. The wall between the expert and student or hobbyist has come down. We can now chat on apps with rock stars, futurists and world-renowned thought leaders in real time. Social platforms have turned everyone into the “B” word — Brand. Think about what you are great at doing that other people need. That’s your business! Larry Dvoskin, Miracle Music Inc.

New Culture Platforms Are Emerging Every Day

This time is an opportunity to reinvent and reinvest. This is a time to learn new skills and explore new perspectives as the industry is changing, especially with virtual concerts being catapulted into mainstream consumption of music and entertainment. Various new platforms are popping up for audiences to enjoy. Interactivity and direct connection between artists and their fans will be key. Matthew Himes, Levitt LA

Old Players Are Looking at New Ideas

I started my first entertainment business in 2011 at the end of the Great Recession when the music business was severely hurting. Companies, individuals and artists who had once never had the time were all of a sudden very interested in new ideas. I see the same thing happening now. Covid has caused “old players” to look at new ideas and revenue streams. The best time to start is now! Kim Kaupe, Bright Ideas Only

You Can Do Things As You See Fit

Changing the world at large is hard, but within the walls of your company, you can do things the way you see fit — one employee and one customer at a time — and the change ripples out from there. I started Metal Mafia because I was convinced there was a better way to treat customers and engage employees. It was never about having a million vacation days or a million dollars, but living by my ideals. – Vanessa Nornberg, Metal Mafia

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Positive Cultural Shifts Are Happening

A number of positive culture shifts started to gain more traction in 2020, including a rise in regenerative brands, an increase in mental wellness platforms and new investment strategies designed to democratize banking, to mention a few. These are going to pick up steam in 2021. When it comes to starting a business that promotes justice for people and the planet, “now” is always the time! Melissa Jun Rowley, Warrior Love Productions

Our Culture Will Create New Waves of Momentum

The Roaring ‘20s were on the heels of the deadly pandemic of 1918. While there is no crystal ball that can predict what the new normal will be coming out of 2020, you can bet that there will be waves of momentum coming from a culture that has been suppressed for so long. Nothing is as rewarding as being your own boss. Now’s the time to paddle out and catch one of these coming waves. Matt Blackburn, ORDER

The Culture Space Is Changing Drastically

The culture space has changed and so has the landscape of companies that are being created. Companies today are addressing in a more honest and thoughtful way the global problems we all share and are putting, for example, the survival of the planet ahead of making money. Survival is coming before profit and we are learning from these companies that we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Stephanie Dillon, Stephanie Dillon Art

You Can Launch Without Overhead or Personnel

There has never been a better time in history to become an entrepreneur. Individuals have more access to one another than ever before. Any person from any part of the world has the ability to reach any audience and successfully launch their brand. Modern information highways provide an existing route for startups without concern for overhead or personnel. Wes Meyers, Burning Tractor

There’s an Opportunity to Reset and Chart Your Own Path

There are so many new needs that have developed or been amplified due to what’s going in the world this year. We all have the potential to generate income if we can find ways to meet those needs. This could be your chance to reset and chart your own path if you can discover a way to make money by creating solutions that matter in today’s world. Take a chance on yourself and see what you’re capable of! Buck Wimberly, ULAH, LLC / ULAH Interiors + Design, LLC

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