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Overwhelmed at Work? How These Entrepreneurs Recommend Coping in a Healthy Way

The key is to address the overwhelm early and to find manageable solutions.

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No entrepreneur is immune to burnout, and when the stressors of work and leading a business get to be too much, it’s important to find healthy ways of coping. Without these methods, it’s all too easy for your business to become overwhelming, which can lead to a loss of passion for your work or even poor mental health.

As busy business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have dealt with their fair share of overwhelming situations. Below, they offer up some of the methods they use to cope and explain why they recommend these methods for any burned out business leader.

Get Active Outside

Go outside. Bike, skate, run, surf. Do something that takes your mind off the madness and helps you focus on being present in the moment. Your operating system is still working in the background and when you go back online, the clarity and ideas are there. – Marcus Segal, ForeVR Games

Take a Moment to Focus on You

Take a walk, listen to your favorite music and give yourself a few moments to just focus on you. The better you can be to yourself, the better you can be to others. – David Lucatch, Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.

Play With Your Pet

For me, it’s yoga every day and playing fetch with my dog. His ability to live spontaneously and joyfully in every present moment is a gift to behold — and an inspiration. It’s hard to be stressed when a grinning muppet brings you a ball. – Cate Rubenstein, Toluna


Volunteer with a local not-for-profit organization. It provides the opportunity to shift your perspective and apply your skills in a meaningful way that supports the community and gives you the space to recharge and renew. – Michael Klein, Trees Corporation

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Go for a Long Walk

When I need to clear my head and get grounded, I go for long walks. Luckily, I live in a beautiful area where there is a public rose garden, so I head over there and get some fresh air. It can seem like a huge ask to get time for yourself and a chance to move your body, but if you don’t fill the well, who will? – Sara Payan, The Apothecarium

Unplug and Unwind

As soon as you feel overwhelmed, immediately unplug and unwind. Making yourself a priority is crucial and necessary. If possible, take one to two hours for a short road trip. Remember that it’s not always the place that matters, but the person you’re with can make a huge difference to your mental health. This is how leaders get re-energized to strive for success. – Jenny Ta, GalaxE by HODL Assets, Inc.

Learn From Books or Podcasts

I like to learn from people’s problems, so I lean into books and podcasts to understand how others made it through their experiences. As we grew and encountered new situations, I understood other people’s problems, so our team’s problems seemed less stressful. – Adam Rumanek, Aux Mode Inc.

Lean on Your Support System

Wait to react to stressful situations. Lean on your trusted, diverse support system with strong, informed viewpoints — those who have helped you become a better leader and navigate crises and victories. No single individual can solve critical business situations. Seek counsel and strategize until you find the best path forward. Every circumstance and outcome can be turned into a gift and opportunity. – Lynn Rosenthal, Periscape

Disconnect and Reflect

Stepping away to recharge and reset is critical to alleviating some of the stressors of work and running a business. Even something as simple as a hike in the middle or end of the week or an extended weekend retreat will help. It’s so important to disconnect and reflect and set new intentions and a vision for the future, even if the future is next week versus next year. – Harrison Wise, Wise Collective Inc.

Check In and Then Help Someone Else

It can be so hard to look away from the challenges that line up. Keeping our minds and spirits balanced is critical. My first rule is HALT. If I am “hungry, angry, lonely or tired,” then I know I must stop and fix that. Next, if I am feeling overwhelmed, my surefire solution is to help somebody else with their challenges. It gets me out of my head and gives me the space to return with fresh answers. – Bob Bonniol, MODE

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