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Nine Ways These Entrepreneurs Are Leveraging Tech to Succeed in Their Niche

By using tech intentionally, you can improve your business and the niche in which it operates.

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Technology at its best serves as a helpful aid to businesses, entrepreneurs and everyday people looking to improve the way they function day to day. But simply using technology won’t affect much change. Those who really succeed are those who know how to leverage technology intentionally, incorporating it into thoughtful practices that could eventually turn into innovation for their business or even their industry as a whole.

Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members share some of the ways in which they’re leveraging technology to improve the success of their businesses in their space.

To Bring Art to the Masses

Art and tech are interwoven, and it’s important to not only utilize it in the creation of the art, but also in bringing awareness of the art to the masses. Vivid imagery, curated virtual galleries and an overall collector-based experience will prove successful. Bringing light and life to the moment with great art — while also celebrating the conversations of the community — is paramount in technology’s use. – Ricardo Roig, Roig Collection

To Further Scientific Research and Development

In the area of cannabis-based scientific research and development, technology allows us to create pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid-based medicines, just like any other medication. That’s going to change the game as we look toward federal legalization. – Oludare Odumosu, Zelira Therapuetics

To Better Manage Client Deliverables and Projects

As a digital agency, we only use online tools and platforms to manage our projects and finances, keep track of employee productivity and enhance our client deliverables. Using the right tools has helped us increase our efficiency, share real-time updates with our clients about their campaigns and seamlessly coordinate within the team and with external partners. – Victoria Kennedy, Victorious PR

To Understand Actual Customer Needs and Wants

We are using proprietary AI to understand what consumers actually want from brands, based entirely on their behaviors and needs. This encompasses consumers’ fundamental values and attitudes; the vast number of topics of interest to them; their regular media habits and social sentiment, plus social influence. That gives our customers a custom experience on our platforms that they appreciate. – Michael Klein, Miraculo Inc.

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To Leave Room for the Creative

We will look at the mundane processes and figure out the best software to do that work (compressing, configuring, content management, etc.) so our team can stay more on the creative side of implementing new ideas. AI right now can’t give you an idea based on your passion, intel and wisdom. – Susan Johnston, New Media Film Festival®

To Create and Post Content

Our team has been using tech more and more for content creation. We use several digital programs just to create the content, and another to automate the posting of the content created to different social platforms. The automation of these processes has been huge for us, and has allowed our social media reach to grow massively. – Codie Sanchez, Contrarian Thinking

To Build Necessary Training Programs

Our industry has been archaic for some time. The largest distribution channels by volume have historically provided no value, and during the Covid remote period, we saw a massive need for real training on how we had been helping our clients remotely for years. We quickly adapted to create programs to help. Our business has grown like crazy due to the training systems we created. – Justin Brock, Medicare Gurus

To Connect with Clients Worldwide

Technology is at the forefront of media’s future, and we are diving headfirst into its orbit. I work with clients worldwide because tech has allowed us to operate seamlessly despite distance. Having clients who are fitness entrepreneurs in South Africa, Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees in Estonia, designers in Dubai, producers in Vietnam, etc. inspires us to continue innovating through tech to connect. – Emily Blair, Emily Blair Media

To Determine and Predict Future Products

Tech companies are creating their own branded products — think Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand, Amazon and Amazon Basics or Netflix and Netflix Originals. We have started to merge data fields of our customer libraries of content from different platforms to understand their customers’ habits to help them determine what to create in the future. – Adam Rumanek, Aux Mode Inc.

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