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13 Smart Strategies for Creating Content That Rises Above the Noise

The demand for content has never been higher, but to stand out, you need to provide real value to your audience.

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The adage “content is king” exists for a reason, and nearly every modern business has taken it to heart. It’s easier than ever to publish your thoughts and perspectives on multiple online channels. However, with the sheer volume of content, it’s hard to break through the noise and get your voice heard.

So how do you accomplish this feat as a business? Follow the advice of these Rolling Stone Culture Council members who shared their tips for creating content that stands out from the crowd.

Pick an Area of Focus

Content is about value. If you want to stand out from the noise, pick an area of focus and research what that audience truly cares about. When you deliver answers to questions they are seeking in your content, your content will rise above the noise. You should also have a unique voice and perspective to share from your experiences. Be bold, authentic and let your experiences shine through. – Max Baumann, Basemakers

Be Concise and Relevant

Often, people forget the old adage “less is more” — particularly on the internet. The internet is a network designed to efficiently connect people and relevant resources. Ensure your initial message is concise and focused so relevant readers can find you and verify your expertise. It is that relevance that separates you from the noise and also encourages readers to “opt in” to more. – Lisa McClung, Coda Signature

Develop an Authentic, Relevant Vision

Write with an authentic vision on things that are relevant. Being phony with relevant topics fades and being authentic but with obscure items doesn’t work either. Overlap the two. – Robert Kinsler, United Fray & District Fray Magazine

Show, Don’t Tell

Stop telling and begin showing. Lead by example and live a life of attraction over promotion. Sharing real-life experiences in a modern voice that leads the reader along a journey has a long-lasting impact. – Greg Reid, Greg S Reid

Speak Your True Voice

There’s a quote in a famous painting that roughly translates to “Make sure what you have to say is more important than silence.” I think that’s true. Speak your true voice when it emerges and leave it at that. Make sure you are contributing to moving things forward to the movement. Trying to yell over people just sounds like yelling. Be quality because that’s all that matters. Art lives in reflection (of self). – Ricardo Roig, Roig Collection

Find the Right Audience

At this point, I don’t think it’s about making your content stand out but about finding the right audience for your content. There are many, many brilliant content creators in the world. It’s not a matter of outdoing one another to get noticed. I believe it is about creating or joining communities, platforms and channels where one’s work is relevant and needed. – Shirin Etessam, OML

Deliver Uniqueness and Consistency

It comes down to two things: uniqueness and consistency. Over 300,000 videos are uploaded a day to YouTube, so to stand out from the crowd you must create something that is distinct from the rest. With that being said, one video is enough. Once you discover your lane, creating (and sticking to) a release schedule is just as important. – Chris Blackwell, Republic Records

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Explore What Isn’t Being Done

More often than not, the pieces of content we see out there are just mirrored copies and variations of what is already working. If you truly want to stand out, look for what isn’t being talked about, what isn’t being included and what isn’t the easiest way to get a simple “like” or “follow.” – Andrew Rossow, The Guardian Project

Post With a Purpose

Create content that resonates and connects with people. Don’t just post to post. Less is definitely more in this crowded landscape. Achieve this by sharing a past mistake, lesson learned, epic fail, a new idea or funny moment. When you connect with people over an authentic experience, it will be seen and heard. – Jacquelynn Powers Maurice, JDP Rocks

Lead With a Concept

Rather than leading with the type of content, lead with the concept. You have done the work and understand your audience’s needs; now deliver your content with a sticky, compelling concept. The right concept resonates. You’ll see increased engagement and sharing within other communities. – Michael Klein, Miraculo Inc.

Provide Value With Your Knowledge

Authenticity makes you more human and that always resonates. Beyond that, I would recommend that you really know your stuff and do the hard work to provide value in everything you say. The world doesn’t need more pundits. We need experts who create original, fact-based work. That will make you worth following. – Lynn Rosenthal, Periscape

Make Your Content Raw and Real

Keep your messaging unique and authentic. If there’s one thing consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to, it’s content that feels overly manufactured and polished. If you want to create a real connection with followers, especially those in the younger demographic, the more raw and real the content is, the better. Skip highly retouched and edited videos for more day-in-the-life content. – Carlos Aybar, Mishu Music

Speak Directly to Your Target Customers

In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to hone in on the right messaging and make sure you are speaking directly to your customers in a personalized manner. The messaging needs to be consistent and convey the brand values so that customers are more receptive to your product or service. – Victoria Kennedy, Victorious PR


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