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Why Digital Communities Are the Key to Success in the Digital World

My main tip for success? Cultivate an active and loyal community. 

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Interaction through social networks is one of the phenomena that attract more attention from those who analyze the behavior of digital communities, approaching the concept of netography. Netography, or virtual ethnography, uses this methodology of social studies to understand how people interact with their communities on social networks. From music and entertainment, celebrities are a great case to explore how digital communities are vital to achieving success in the social network’s sphere.

Therefore, analyzing the high points of the digital conversation drivers’ and performing analysis focused on specific communities allows for more profound findings and indicators for people who are interested in understanding how each community behaves.

In this case, my company managed to delve into the secrets behind the interaction of the most followed art and entertainment figures on social networks in 2021 to understand what allows them to stay relevant daily. Based on a ranking conducted by The Visual Capitalist from May 2021 and the brandwatch tool, we analyzed what is behind the conversations of the influencers with the most followers on Instagram. Among them, Cristiano Ronaldo (517 million followers on Instagram), Justin Bieber (455 million followers on Instagram) and Ariana Grande (429 million followers on Instagram) stand out.

Among the three of them, there is a similar trend regarding the conversation on social networks: We found their highest peak of mentions was reached when they achieved success in their different fields or communicated milestones in their personal life. In the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, it happened after his announcement to Manchester United. For Justin Bieber, it was after announcing his collaboration with WizKid in the “Essence” remix. Finally, for the case of Ariana Grande, the highest number of comments was recorded after her secret marriage to luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez was announced. 

Other celebrities who dominated the number of followers are Tayler Swift (361 million followers on Instagram). Her highest peak of conversation was when she released the re-recorded version of her album Red. Within the list, the presence of Rihanna stands out (322 million followers on Twitter) with one of the highest peaks of mentions related to the support for the protests generated by new agricultural legislation in India.

This analysis reveals how the concept of community is an essential support to achieving digital success. Thus, the secret behind the success of influencers, celebrities and brands in their social networks is related to creating virtual communities capable of passionately interacting with the brand conversation and even taking it to other social networks and the physical world. My main tip for success? Cultivate an active and loyal community.

Don’t forget that to get into a digital community, it is necessary to understand the needs of your brand and its objectives so that on these guidelines, you can select the appropriate digital platform in which — as a brand leader — you can build a society that goes beyond a few likes or retweets. Regardless of the type of market, you should be able to create a universal community that speaks for your brand.

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Here are some key points to building or rebuilding online communities:

• Create the profile of your ideal follower.

• Find something in common.

• Offer something of value.

• Listen to your community.

• Focus on solutions and humanly express yourself.

These steps can help create thriving digital communities that are aligned with your brand’s purpose.

Don’t forget what I shared before — celebrities’ highest peak of mentions were usually reached when they achieved success in their different fields or communicated milestones in their personal lives. So, how can brands replicate this kind of engagement with their digital communities?

Easily: Share your goals and achievements with your communities, celebrate them with your communities communicate them and make them part of your achievements. The most active online communities are not always the ones with the most followers but the ones that share and receive the most quality content and get involved in that.

The important thing is to apply the basic principles. When a project or a brand has an active community that supports it, there is more chance that it will quickly position itself within its industry.


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