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Turn Stubbornness Into Grace With Gratitude

You have the opportunity to meet your fears with grace and charm.


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Folks, life is about turning stubbornness into grace through gratitude.

In life, we’re constantly faced with situations outside our control that could trigger us, make us fear judgment or make us feel ashamed that we might not be able to come to terms with it. You can deal with that hardship in one of two ways.

You can take it in stride, face that fear head-on and learn to process it in the moment. But life is often not that simple. So instead, we usually go the other route: Our stubbornness elicits a fight or flight response, where the path of perceived least resistance is to flee from that fear.

But in fleeing from that fear, you can find courage. It takes bravery to break out and start a new adventure, leaving that old one behind. It may be a hard path and a path of great resistance, but it’s your path to own.

Now, over the course of your life, you have the opportunity to meet your fears and meet them with grace and charm. You must recognize that a situation might be outside your control and understand that you therefore must face it head-on, not with stubbornness, but with peace and understanding. Yes, you will need help along the way. Yes, you cannot do it alone. But gratitude can help you get there.

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When troubling times occur, whether in business or your personal life, see these moments as great lessons you can use to your advantage to fuel future success.

These lessons might be filled with pain, but such as life, it’s not about chasing momentary, episodic and fleeting happiness. Life is not about chasing these moments that make you feel good in the moment. Life is about facing those fears head-on. Getting through traumatic moments in life is about gratefully processing those unpleasant memories. This practice gives you the self-confidence, hope, pride and efficacy needed to carry on because this gratitude will help you reconcile those unpleasant memories later in life. It will give you more grace to connect with others, while broadening and building your thought-action repertoire needed to make harder decisions later in life.

These hard lessons you’ve overcome by giving gratitude to them can make you wiser. These experiences that you’ve overcome are part of the education — you have the immense opportunity to learn from these moments. You might have dropped out of school. You might have had a business deal fall through. Maybe your startup is struggling. You may have given up on something too soon. The point is, it’s never too late to appreciate the benefits you’ve received, and either give those benefits back or pay those benefits forward. See, gratitude hacks the space-time continuum. It allows you to receive wisdom in real time.

Life is precious; moments are fleeting and short. So give gratitude now and use hardships as learning opportunities. Process those traumatic moments and turn them into great wisdom. Your soul will be lighter, wiser and better able to connect and give grace to those around you, which is what will genuinely help make the world go round, especially in these great and trying times.


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