10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: October 2017

From an old soul inspired by Freddy Fender to a vocalist who channels the best of Nineties female pop-country

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Jenny Tolman
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Jenny Tolman

Sounds Like: The sass of Nikki Lane mixed with the clever wordplay of Brandy Clark, all dressed up with brass and funky production

For Fans of: Nikki Lane, Brandy Clark, Angaleena Presley

Why You Should Pay Attention: Nashville native Jenny Tolman doesn't have a whole lot of music out just yet, but what she has released shows that the up-and-comer is someone to keep an eye on. "Stripper for a Week," the first single off her forthcoming Dave Brainard-produced debut album Jennyville, is unlike much else out right now, blending honky-tonk twang with white-hot horns, and delivering lyrical gems. To boot, Tolman is also a pole dancer. For real.

She Says: "One of my favorite things about country music is that it has always been rooted in storytelling. I love getting to create characters and develop narratives for them. When I was telling Marty Dodson, my co-writer on 'Stripper for a Week,' about a blog post I had read where a girl was literally a stripper for a week as a social experiment, he was like, 'That's our song!' I am a pole dancer as well, and there's always the stripper connotation that goes along with anything having to do with a thin perpendicular pole, so why not embrace that for a song and daydream a little bit?"

Hear for Yourself: "Something to Complain About" is an easygoing steel-based ode taking to task those whose diamond shoes fit too tightly. B.M.

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