10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: April 2017

From a Texas songbird with a sly sense of humor to a Tennessee singer proud of his drawl

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Caleb Caudle

Caleb Caudle

Sounds Like: The musical equivalent of high-proof bourbon – rich in flavor, with a subtle, satisfying bite

For Fans of: Eagles, Andrew Combs, John Moreland

Why You Should Pay Attention: Caleb Caudle may only now be catching the ears of country and Americana listeners, but the North Carolina native already has seven albums under his belt. His latest, Carolina Ghost, positions him as one of the genre's most promising young songwriters, earning comparisons to revered songwriters like Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams, and a coveted placement on a recent episode of CMT's Nashville. He's currently hard at work on a new album, Crushed Coins, to be released later this year. The quick succession shows the 29-year-old is as prolific as he is thoughtful.

He Says: "Crushed Coins is a departure from my past records in a few ways. In the months leading up to recording these songs, I was listening to a lot of jazz, specifically a copy of Miles Davis' In a Silent Way that my wife bought me. That album helped me realize you can truly do whatever you want with music, and it put me in that mindset heading into the studio. I also did the majority of the record near Skid Row in Los Angeles, which took me out of my comfort zone having made the last couple albums at home in North Carolina. I worked with my long-time engineer and collaborator Jon Ashley [The War on Drugs, Hiss Golden Messenger], but we approached this record with an anything-goes mentality, unafraid to do whatever the songs called for."

Hear for Yourself: Caudle ventures into noir-country territory with "Carolina Ghost," an understated, mid-tempo groove with crystalline production that gives his soaring vocals room to breathe. B.M.

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