Darius Rucker: Five Songs That Changed The Way I Heard Music

Country hitmaker and Hootie leader recalls the pivotal songs from his past that shaped his world

"For the Good Times," Al Green

As a kid, this was the first song that really made me want to be a singer. It was one of those songs I'd play 15 times in a row. Only much later in my life did I learn that Kris Kristofferson wrote it. That explained a lot to me. The story is that she's leaving me, but let's have one more great night for the good times. What gets me about the song is Al Green's performance. I think it's one of Al Green's greatest vocal performances. He delivered so much in that song. You believe every word that he says. You believe that he's living that moment, that he just left his house and his girlfriend said she's leaving and he went in and he recorded that song. It really did make me want to be a singer.