Willie Nelson: 20 Essential Songs

From the signature ballad he wrote for Patsy Cline to his love letter to life on the road

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"Forgiving You Was Easy" (1985)

Nelson has always been a master at meditating on memory, and the capability of our brains to know when to move on and when to linger. "Forgiving You Was Easy," from 1985's Me & Paul, finds Nelson applying this insight to the nuances of relationships, and how complex our hearts can be when scorned by the one we love. "I could probably apply it to a dozen situations in my life," Nelson has said about the tender, Tejano-tinged ballad that went to Number One in 1985 – on the same day, in fact, that Live Aid aired worldwide and raised millions for the famine across Africa. The synchronicity birthed his own idea: Farm Aid, which held its first concert that September in Chicago. Naturally, Nelson played "Forgiving You Was Easy" during his set, and he hasn't forgotten the farmers ever since.  

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