Social Distortion's Mike Ness on His 10 Best Country-Punk Covers

From the punk godfather's take on Johnny Cash to an unexpected Kitty Wells song

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"Once a Day," Connie Smith

"Once a Day" is one of those classic country songs with a storied past. Written by country songwriting legend (and longtime Grand Ole Opry member) "Whisperin'" Bill Anderson, "Once a Day" was taken to Number One by Connie Smith in 1964. Smith's version was a twice-over record-maker, becoming the first debut single by a female country artist to hit Number One and then holding the top spot for the longest amount of time by a female country artist until 2012 when Taylor Swift eventually broke the almost 50-year-old record. However, it was George Jones' version that most inspired Ness to have his own go at the song. Though, much like with covering Jackson, Ness had to stretch himself vocally. "George Jones sings like a pedal-steel guitar player plays," he says. "He swoops underneath the melodies and it's tricky to do, man."  

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