Social Distortion's Mike Ness on His 10 Best Country-Punk Covers

From the punk godfather's take on Johnny Cash to an unexpected Kitty Wells song

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"Alone and Forsaken," Hank Williams

When Ness and the band released "Cold Feelings" as the second single from Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, Ness again took the opportunity to showcase his affinity for vintage country by recording a downtrodden, brooding version of Hank Williams' "Alone and Forsaken" as the single's B-side. When it comes to Williams, Ness doesn't hide his high praise for the legend. "Hank Williams is pretty much at the top of my list for country guys. Everyone might think Johnny Cash is at the top for me – and he is in my top five – but my top three are Hank Williams, George Jones and Buck Owens. But for Hank Williams, his tone and his songs really hit me hard like the Carter Family did. It's a lonely, desperate, dark kind of tone that I really relate to."    

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