Patsy Cline Museum: 10 Must-See Items

New Nashville museum includes her home stereo console and the watch she was wearing in the plane crash that took her life

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The Vintage Rec Room
Courtesy of PLA Media6/10

The Vintage Rec Room

Presented in painstaking and gloriously kitschy detail is the couple's classic rec room, where they hosted friends or just spent time alone together. The room includes a hi-fi console, reel-to-reel tape player, record player and classic vinyl LPs, and a floor model black-and-white television showing classic Patsy Cline performances. Lining the wood-paneled walls are a selection of Cline's professional awards and some of their favorite albums, and in the corner sits a classic Norge refrigerator. The red leatherette-padded bar with "Patsy & Charlie" embossed on the front is one of the room's most striking and evocative items.

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