Outlaw Country Exhibit: 12 Most Badass Items at Country Hall of Fame's New Showcase

From Willie Nelson's well-worn sneakers to Bobby Bare's mink-skull hat, the must-see artifacts at the 'Outlaws & Armadillos' exhibit in Nashville

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Rev. Will D. Campbell's Whiskey Still
Jordan O'Donnell5/12

Rev. Will D. Campbell's Whiskey Still

The Rev. Will D. Campbell may not be a recognizable name to most country music fans, but the self-christened "bootleg preacher" played a key role in the Outlaw era. He was a frequent ear, adviser and drinking buddy to artists from Kris Kristofferson to Waylon Jennings, who, according to the exhibit, referred to him as his "guru." (Jennings even had him baptize his son with Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings.) This copper still was used by Campbell and songwriter Tom T. Hall to make their own whiskey. 

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