Outlaw Country Exhibit: 12 Most Badass Items at Country Hall of Fame's New Showcase

From Willie Nelson's well-worn sneakers to Bobby Bare's mink-skull hat, the must-see artifacts at the 'Outlaws & Armadillos' exhibit in Nashville

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Guy Clark's Father's Randall Knife
Jordan O'Donnell11/12

Guy Clark's Father's Randall Knife

"My father had a Randall knife / my mother gave it to him / when he went off to WWII / to save us all from ruin" sing-speaks Guy Clark in the intro to his song "The Randall Knife," off 1983's Better Days. This is that knife, gifted to Clark's dad by his mother prior to his shipping out for World War II. But the more personal bit of Clark memorabilia may be the original painting by Guy's wife Susanna Clark, which graces the cover of the songwriter's 1975 Old No. 1 album.

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