Outlaw Country Exhibit: 12 Most Badass Items at Country Hall of Fame's New Showcase

From Willie Nelson's well-worn sneakers to Bobby Bare's mink-skull hat, the must-see artifacts at the 'Outlaws & Armadillos' exhibit in Nashville

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Bobby Bare's Mink-Skull Hat
Jordan O'Donnell7/12

Bobby Bare's Mink-Skull Hat

When Bobby Bare recorded 1973's Bobby Bare Sings Lullabyes, Legends and Lies, a concept record of Shel Silverstein compositions, he picked his own players and produced the album himself. Both were no-no's in Music City at the time, but the album was a success, refreshing Bare's career and giving him a hit with the voodoo queen Number One "Marie Laveau." The greater impact, however, was how the double LP emboldened other artists, like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, to push for their own creative freedom in the studio. This outrageous hat, adorned with a mink skull and snake skin, was a gift from Nelson to Bare. 

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