Outlaw Country Exhibit: 12 Most Badass Items at Country Hall of Fame's New Showcase

From Willie Nelson's well-worn sneakers to Bobby Bare's mink-skull hat, the must-see artifacts at the 'Outlaws & Armadillos' exhibit in Nashville

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Armadillo Suitcase
Jordan O'Donnell6/12

Armadillo Suitcase

One of the highlights of the exhibit – and where it gets half of its name – is the story of the Armadillo World Headquarters, the Austin country-rock outpost that helped foster the Outlaw mindset and music. Artist manager Eddie Wilson co-founded the club and carried around this leather armadillo-adorned briefcase, whose varmint logo was designed by Jim Franklin. Franklin's psychedelic posters, including one that announced Willie Nelson's first ever gig at the venue (for a cover charge of a mere two bucks), were a signature of the scene.

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