Daryle Singletary: His 10 Essential Songs

From "I'm Living Up to Her Low Expectations" to "Jesus & Bartenders," the best tracks by the Nineties star, who died Monday at 46

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"Jesus & Bartenders" (2007)

Singletary's hit-making days were a thing of the past by the time he released Straight From the Heart in 2007. In fact, it was his second album in a row consisting almost exclusively of covers, but that suited him just fine. "Jesus & Bartenders," a mournful take on a Larry Cordle and Leslie Satcher deep cut, was a prime example of just how much of a master interpreter Singletary could be when left to his own devices. Now in his mid-thirties, his voice here has grown deeper and duskier, but its end-of-the-line desperation thrives on his direct, uncomplicated expression. J.G.

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