Daryle Singletary: His 10 Essential Songs

From "I'm Living Up to Her Low Expectations" to "Jesus & Bartenders," the best tracks by the Nineties star, who died Monday at 46

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"Amen Kind of Love" (1996)

With the lead single from his sophomore album, All Because of You, Singletary looked back to his gospel roots. Released in 1996, "Amen Kind of Love" featured matter-of-fact lead vocals and a backing choir as Singletary described a romance so fulfilling it could only be heaven sent. But in writing the song, Trey Bruce and Wayne Tester contrasted its soulful, reverent nature with a quick-step tempo, and that combination proved to be a potent one. "Amen Kind of Love" reached Number Two on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, repeating the best showing of Singletary’s career and marking his last appearance in the Top 10. C.P.

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