Merle Haggard Tribute: 10 Best Things We Saw

From Keith Richards' heartfelt "Sing Me Back Home" to Miranda Lambert's aching "Misery and Gin"

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Keith Richards, "Sing Me Back Home"

Witnessing Keith Richards and Willie Nelson together onstage was an undeniably emotional moment, for both the audience and the icons themselves. Richards and Nelson were each famously close with Haggard, and they joined forces for the on-the-nose "Reasons to Quit," a song about those glorious bad habits both men possess. Nelson took the lead, with Richards croaking harmonies and the chorus, making for a performance as ragged as the hard-living vets singing it. But it was the Rolling Stones guitarist's heartfelt solo reading of "Sing Me Back Home" that best embodied Richards' affinity for Merle. As he told Rolling Stone shortly after Haggard's death, the song is "my party piece, baby." J.H.

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