Merle Haggard Tribute: 10 Best Things We Saw

From Keith Richards' heartfelt "Sing Me Back Home" to Miranda Lambert's aching "Misery and Gin"

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Hank Williams Jr.,
Jordan O'Donnell7/10

Hank Williams Jr., "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink"

Hank Williams Jr. does nothing small. So even when performing a tribute for his old pal Haggard, Bocephus comes across as the guest of honor. Sauntering onstage as if he owned the place, Williams slung his guitar over his shoulder and lit into the "All My Rowdy Friends" prototype "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink." At 67, he hasn't lost a step, bellowing the boozy lines, mugging for the crowd and delivering a performance that would elicit one of Merle's signature smirks. In a country format that is slowly losing its legends, Williams stands as sturdy as an oak. J.H.

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