Horses, Guns and Drugs: Country Music's 10 Wildest Stories

From Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw's wild ride to Willie Nelson's White House high

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Tammy Wynette Kidnapped at Nashville Mall
GAB Archive/Redferns10/10

Tammy Wynette Kidnapped at Nashville Mall

Tammy Wynette drenched her songs in heartache often rooted in reality. On October 4th, 1978, the country queen was allegedly abducted at gunpoint from a Nashville mall parking lot, claiming the masked gunman had beaten then abandoned her on a country road 80 miles south of town. Wynette's bruises and fractured cheekbone were seen in graphic photos, but for some the details didn't add up. Jackie Daly, one of the singer's four daughters, alleged in her 2000 memoir that Wynette had confessed to her the kidnapping was faked to cover up a beating that her fifth husband, George Richey, had inflicted. Richey vehemently denied the charge. After Wynette's death in 1998, her daughters, including Georgette (whose father was Wynette's third husband, George Jones) sued Richey for wrongful death. After Richey requested the body be exhumed, the suit was settled in 2002. The facts surrounding the kidnapping remain a fascinating mystery. 

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