Horses, Guns and Drugs: Country Music's 10 Wildest Stories

From Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw's wild ride to Willie Nelson's White House high

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Elvis Presley Plays Traffic Cop

Elvis Presley Plays Traffic Cop

Elvis Presley may have been the King of Rock & Roll and one of the world's biggest celebrities, but deep down he really wanted to be a police officer. It was more than a childhood dream, as he collected guns and badges well into adulthood, had a custom police uniform made for himself, and became an honorary deputy of the Denver Police Department, whose officers he had befriended and in turn showered with gifts. By the Seventies, Presley, in the midst of cutting some of his greatest country recordings, began to take law enforcement into his own hands, driving around Memphis and pulling over residents for traffic violations, with the aid of a police siren and rotating blue light that he had fitted to his Lincoln. The King would flash his badge and lecture the drivers on their infractions, then let them go – not with a citation, but with an autograph.

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