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Dolly Parton Loses a Dolly Lookalike Contest
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Dolly Parton Loses a Dolly Lookalike Contest

There's no shortage of folks who like to pay cheeky homage to Dolly Parton by donning their own wardrobe of many colors – the country legend inspires lookalike contests from her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee, all the way to California. Perhaps the most infamous of those occurred in Santa Monica. In a 2012 interview with ABC News' Nightline about her 2012 memoir Dream More, Parton shares that she entered a Dolly Parton-themed drag queen contest – "I just over-exaggerated – made my beauty mark bigger, the eyes bigger, the hair bigger, everything," she says – only to lose to another contestant. Quips the country queen: "I got the least applause."