Horses, Guns and Drugs: Country Music's 10 Wildest Stories

From Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw's wild ride to Willie Nelson's White House high

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Billy Joe Shaver Goes Wacko in Waco
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Billy Joe Shaver Goes Wacko in Waco

Billy Joe Shaver may be short a couple fingers from his lumber mill days, but he still proved trigger happy in 2007 when he shot a man in the face outside a bar near Waco, Texas. The fact that the "Old Five and Dimers Like Me" writer didn't actually kill the man was but one of the incident's many bizarre twists. Shaver was at the bar with an ex-wife when the man, Billy Bryant Coker, allegedly brandished a knife and ordered Shaver to meet him in the parking lot. Shaver, who later pleaded self-defense, shot Coker in his pickup truck, reportedly asking him, "Where do you want it?" The Texan unsuccessfully tried turning himself in to Austin police, who were unaware of his warrant, then played a show the same night after posting bail. Shaver was acquitted, with — who else? — Willie Nelson among his character witnesses.

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