Don Williams: 10 Essential Songs

From "Tulsa Time" to "Good Ole Boys Like Me," the key tracks of the country vocalist, who died September 8th at 78

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"Some Broken Hearts Never Mend"

In spite of its breezy tune, light-as-a-feather production and Williams' toasty-warm vocals, this song offers two verses about lost love that also let Williams croon with a little tear in his voice. Of the songwriters he scored hits with most often, two – Bob McDill and Wayland Holyfield – were there early and often, sometimes penning tunes together. This was, however, Holyfield's first solo write to reach the top for Williams, which it did in May 1977. Actor Telly Savalas had a sizeable hit with it in Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, and others who've recorded it include the Bellamy Brothers (to a reggae beat) and the Cox Family (as a bluegrass number). S.B.

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