Country Disco: 15 Great, Wild and WTF Songs

From Conway Twitty's "Tight Fittin' Jeans" to Dolly Parton's "Baby I'm Burnin'"

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Emmylou Harris, "On the Radio"

What happens when you combine the queen of disco and the queen of Americana country? A reworking of "On the Radio," of course. A signature song that originally appeared on Donna Summer's 1979 greatest-hits album of the same name (it was first written for a movie soundtrack), Emmylou Harris reinterpreted the Top 5 hit in 1983 for her project White Shoes. In Harris' version, which is stripped bare of the bells and whistles that producer Giorgio Moroder placed on Summers' original, the track takes on an affecting vulnerability that adds striking dimension to country's relationship with disco. B.M.

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